Due to the technicality and small production numbers of our members’ models, on average we have a longer product development cycle than most main stream manufacturers. Design and engineering costs of each model have to be met over from a small sales volume, with forward looking investment taking place typically 5-6 years in advance of production.

Our members are not in a position to make rapid changes to their vehicles and typically any change takes longer to implement.

As such, ESCA and its members work tirelessly with the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Council and their agencies to ensure that we can create a regulatory environment where ESCA members and other SVMs are able to compete more readily, invest in new technology and achieve the commercial goals of their organisation.

ESCA has highlighted three key areas that are crucial for the survival of our members; emissions, safety and trade. All of our members are committed reducing the emissions and increasing the use of low carbon technology in our vehicles. Further, we are determined in our efforts to enhance driver, passenger and pedestrian safety across our models.

ESCA advocates on behalf of some of the most recognisable and iconic automotive brands in the world. We work with European and international decision makers to ensure the interests of high performance road and racing cars are represented alongside the mainstream automotive industry.