About ESCA

What we do

ESCA advocates on behalf its members in the European institutions and its member states to ensure their interests are represented alongside the mainstream automotive industry.

We believe in the diversity of the automotive industry and in maintaining consumer choice. As small volume manufacturers we are committed to continuously improving the performance of our vehicles and to create new innovations in order to remain competitive within the market place.

We are committed to the EU’s carbon reduction measures and playing our part in the development of connected automotive technology as well as ensuring regulatory equivalence with our export markets.

Our mission
  • To communicate with decision makers on the common interest and positions of the small volume manufacturing industry on issues relating to emissions, safety and trade
  • To provide strategic counsel to members and affiliates on specific issues and regulations
  • To advocate for small volume manufacturers interests within the EU
  • To promote the role of the small volume manufacturing sector leading the wider automotive industry at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation.

ESCA advocates on behalf of some of the most recognisable and iconic automotive brands in the world. We work with European and international decision makers to ensure the interests of high performance road and racing cars are represented alongside the mainstream automotive industry.