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Burkard, Florian and Andreas Bovensiepen, ALPINA Management

Company Info

ALPINA is a family-owned, medium-sized automobile manufacturer, engineering and producing exclusive automobiles based on BMW models. ALPINA is officially registered as an automobile manufacturer by the German Ministry of Transport, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt.

Production numbers: approx. 1200 – 1700 automobiles every year
Number of employees: approx. 290 (December 2022)


ALPINA also has a second business division which is involved in the trade of high-end wines from famous regions. (

Models on market

Product info

The BMW ALPINA D3 S combines the best of two worlds: a drivetrain that offers excellent throttle response at low rpm’s yet which is sporty and high-revving, unlike most typical modern diesels. A consistently forceful power delivery, peaking at an impressive output of 261 kW (355 hp) and a maximum torque of 730 Nm (538 lb-ft), know how to surprise. BMW mild hybrid technology, which delivers a noticeable performance boost especially in the lower speed range also maximises the efficiency of the high-performance engine. It makes the BMW ALPINA D3 S the ideal everyday companion for high-mileage drivers who value low fuel consumption but do not want to compromise on performance and dynamics.

The BMW ALPINA B3 is driven by the latest generation straight-six 3.0 litre engine with bi-turbo charging which delivers an output of 364 kW (495 hp) and a maximum torque of 730 Nm (538 lb-ft). The latest model generation convinces with exciting dynamics, precision handling and a superior driving experience.

The BMW ALPINA D4 S is ALPINA’s latest offering created for sportive daily drivers who are looking for a special Gran Turismo driving experience. In this high-performance diesel variant with a 3.0-litre straight-six cylinder engine and BMW mild hybrid technology, the Gran Coupé offers powerful performance and torque, sleek aesthetics and exclusive ALPINA driving comfort.

The design: iconic. The performance: explosive. The driving experience: unique. The BMW ALPINA B4 Gran Coupé unites the traditional ALPINA virtues in a vehicle concept as powerful as it is elegant. The straight-six 3.0 litre engine with bi-turbo charging delivers a power output of 364 kW (495 hp) and a maximum torque of 730 Nm (538 lb-ft).

The BMW ALPINA XD3 and XD4 models offer a unique blend of qualities, ranging from everyday utility to unparalleled driving comfort an impressively dynamic handling. Combined with a cutting-edge diesel drivetrain which offers best-in-class driving performance means the BMW ALPINA XD3 and BMW ALPINA XD4 are the perfect everyday companions for every lifestyle.

Benchmark performance diesel: The BMW ALPINA D5 S impresses with on-demand power delivery and torque-filled urgency. The 3.0 litre straight-six cylinder engine with three turbochargers delivers an output of 300 kW (408 hp). A maximum torque of 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) is available between 1750 and 2750 rpm, making this latest version Best-In-Segment.

High performer & business athlete: The BMW ALPINA B5 offers a fine balance of performance, exclusivity and luxury in a contemporary design. The 4.4 litre V8 engine with bi-turbo charging delivers an impressive output of 457 kW (621 hp), and a maximum torque of 800 Nm (590 lb-ft), available from just 2000 rpm. The BMW ALPINA B5 impresses with quick, linear throttle response and on-demand power delivery throughout the entire rpm range.

The BMW ALPINA XB7 combines the benefits of a spacious and luxurious Sports Activity Vehicle with superior driving dynamics, unrivalled agility, and a powerful, state-of-the-art ultra-high performance drivetrain. With its cutting-edge suspension technology, the BMW ALPINA XB7 opens a new dimension in driving dynamics.

The BMW ALPINA B8 Gran Coupé combines the highest levels of performance, dynamics and comfort in a bold and beautiful design. It impresses in a myriad of driving situations with explosive driving performance, its harmonious, balanced chassis and a high sense of safety.

+ Heritage

With the development of a Weber dual carburettor system for the BMW 1500, Burkard Bovensiepen laid the foundations for an exceptional partnership with BMW, establishing the automobile manufactory ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen KG in 1965. Ever since, Buchloe has been home to probably the world’s most renowned automobiles based on BMW models, developed and produced by the independent family-owned business in cooperation with BMW. This close partnership forms the basis for the continued success of the ALPINA brand: individual automobiles are manufactured with great love for detail and technical finesse, which, however, at the same time meet the high quality and safety standards of series production. Since 1983, ALPINA is officially registered as an automobile manufacturer by the German Ministry of Transport, the Kraftfahrtbundesamt.

Elegant understatement is at the very core of ALPINA’s brand philosophy, which is manifested in an interior with the focus on comfort, above-average driving performance and a discreetly sporty exterior. BMW ALPINA automobiles have regularly caused sensations, both on the road and the race track – the result of a remarkable model history. Motor racing is very much part of the ALPINA history, in fact ALPINA’s engagement in racing started shortly after the company was founded. The foundations of ALPINA’s impressive successes in motor racing were laid by company founder Burkard Bovensiepen with his engagement in the Touring Car scene. Renowned and famous racing drivers like Niki Lauda and Hans Stuck successfully piloted ALPINA racing cars throughout many seasons.

Founder Burkard Bovensiepen runs the company together with his sons Andreas and Florian.

+ Country of origin

Germany. Bavaria. ALPINA is located in Buchloe, a small town around 70 kilometers west of Munich.

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