As a small volume manufacturer we face many challenges that larger manufacturers would not. For this reason it is very important for us to increase the volume of our voice by allying ourselves with other manufactures with similar needs.

Jiří Lojan, CEO

Company Info

Throughout 110 years of existence, we have made a pretty spectacular range of Praga vehicles. Motorcycles, passenger cars, light trucks, buses, tractors, tanks, aircrafts and now race cars. All of them designed and developed in house by people driven by a passion for mobility.

Models on market

Product info

Praga R1:

The Praga R1 is our proven race car with a focus on low weight, high downforce, safety and low running cost. It is available in three engine configuration basic atmospheric (210bhp), atmospheric with Praga’s own throttle body system (235 bhp) and Praga’s own turbo system (360 bhp). The teardrop-shaped R1 can generate downforce of up to 1,5x times its weight through its sophisticated aerodynamics. The lightweight construction and suspension setup is optimised to enhance traction while minimising tyre and brake wear.

Praga R1R:

We are delighted to introduce Praga’s brand new automobile, the Praga R1R. It is the first road car created by Praga since 1947 and it is here to follow up with the legendary history of Praga Cars. The construction of Praga R1R is based on Praga’s R1 race cars and it is here to provide an ultimate driving experience for the road. Lighter than any production car and safer than competitive race cars it is a carbon composite mayhem available with licence plates.

Praga Bohema:

The Bohema is a high-performance, low-volume, beautifully-appointed, road-legal car designed around three core principles. Lightweight, carbon, petrol. 982 kgs. 700 Bhp. Just 89 available.
An exclusive, one-of-a-kind road legal hypercar with the breathtaking combination of light weight, high power and phenomenal aero – for the ultimate track day experience and full usability and practicality for the road. All from a company with proven race success.

+ Heritage

Praga is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. The brand was born more than one hundred years ago and it has been producing vehicles for various purposes since 1907. In more recent years Praga now manufactures its own race cars, the Praga R1, which has already proven to be capable of high-quality and performance in both European and American racing series. Praga has now developed it’s first road car in 68 years: the Praga R1R.

+ Country of origin

The Praga R1 and R1R are manufactured in just outside of Bratislava, Slovakia. With the factory located only a few kilometres from Slovakiaring it offers the perfect location to do regular testing on a race track, a necessity when developing race cars and track focused road cars.

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